Tailored Solutions

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Meeting Facilitation

A neutral third party professional may be the best resource to insure that your team stays on track and achieves its goals. That is where we can help. 

Working in concert with the owners and key executives of our client companies we make sure that a stated purpose or objective is achieved in every meeting we facilitate. 

These meetings can take place frequently- weekly, monthly, or on a less frequent quarterly or annual basis.

Attentive colleagues brainstorm solutions or analyze information for a project
Woman and man engaged in conversation, exchanging ideas or catching up in a friendly chat

Outsourced Sales & Marketing Leadership

Our robust experience within the sales and marketing disciplines allow us to serve as an extension of your company, and as part of your team. 

Using industry experienced professionals as advocates for your organization’s specific goals, we work with you and the appropriate sources to assure that your business’s needs are being addressed. 

As appropriate, we step in and serve in the capacity of your sales and/or marketing leader.  

Comprehensive Sales & Marketing Strategic Support

Our engagements may include customer calls with your sales team, leading sales meetings, establishing sales goals and objectives, establishing marketing objectives and budgets, developing marketing campaigns and collateral, and providing overall sales/marketing strategic direction and execution.

Event Planning

One Domino has partnered with Bloom Event Planning & Management Services to offer services in the areas of meeting planning, employee recognition, annual meetings, shareholder socials/updates, team-building experiences, trade shows, and conferences.

With this partnership we can provide:
executive team having a team meeting
peer to peer groups share their insight
step away from the office
one dominos business alignment
great keynote speaker
Company Wide Engagements

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Bloom prides itself on being innovative, and will work with you to create an engaging, experiential and meaningful meeting or event for your employees or clients. 

Bloom Event Planning & Management Services

To learn more about Bloom Event Planning & Management Services, visit www.bloomeventplanners.com