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Spark the Motivation and Inspiration

Looking to add a bit of spark, motivation and inspiration to your next meeting, team-building experience, planning session or conference?


Tim Turrittin is available to speak with your team in a small group setting or in a much larger company wide conference. He has a passion for developing people and for seeing businesses thrive. He is a master “storyteller” which allow his messages to come to life by utilizing real-world examples. His engaging style highlights this passion and provides the audience with a sense that they can achieve anything. Tim will tailor his speaking engagement to the needs of your company while making his dialogue relevant to your team.

Topics Include:

  • The World is Full of Average People, Don’t Be One of Them
    A dialogue centered on setting and exceeding expectations and goals
  • Are You David or Goliath?”
    A conversation that focuses on unique ways to beat larger competitors
  • Sometimes Opportunity is Dressed in Overalls and Looks Like Hard Work (Mark Twain)”
    Emphasizing the value of work ethic and being better than your competition
  • You Can’t Steal Second Base With Your Foot on First (FrederickWilcox)
    A dialogue centered on calculated risk taking
  • "Be Where You Are”
    Highlighting the value of work life balance while emphasizing the need to “be present” wherever you are
  • If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going, Any Road Will Get You There (Lewis Carroll)”
    Focusing on goal setting and planning in business and your personal life
  • What’s Your WHY?
    A dialogue pivoting off of Simon Sinek’s book, “Start with WHY”, highlighting the fact that people don’t buy from you for “what” you do, they buy from you for “why” you do it
  • Steady At the Helm”
    A conversation that centers on leadership development and guiding teams through difficult times
  • Appreciative Leadership”
    Dialogue that pivots on the messages brought to life in a book by the same name written by Tim’s friend Jack Ricchiuto
  • Team, Teammate, Self…and in that order”
    A conversation centered on the need to focus beyond yourself to achieve your goals
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”
    Highlighting the necessary steps so people can reach their full potential
  • Just Eat the Frog!
    A dialogue that speaks to the need for better time management and to stop procrastinating
  • Burn the Boats!
    Highlighting the need for a laser-like focus on your Plan A versus holding on to your Plan B
  • A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, …etc.”
    A dialogue centered on ethical behavior and doing the right things when no one is watching…even in a crazy world
  • Set the Table”
    Provides a “simple” visualization allowing you to establish priorities at work and at home…it works with your children as well!
  • Dollars & Sense”
    Centered around holding people accountable and facilitating spirited team meetings
  • Be a Perpetual Learner”
    A dialogue that emphasizes the value of asking questions and desiring to learn more
  • "Lessons Learned From the Golf Course"
    Understanding the importance of knowing what the end goal is

Tim can speak on one, or any combination of the above topics based on the timing of your meeting or the message you want to share with your team.

Workshops & Seminars


One Domino will be offering both individual, and tailored company-centric workshop series geared toward business’s and leaders who are seeking to enhance their leadership skills, broaden their business acumen, increase the value of their company, and strategically plan for the future.

Stay tuned for upcoming workshop announcements.